Touch Me – Photographs from Workshop with Visually Impaired

‘Touch Me – Photographs from Workshop with Visually Impaired’ displays a series of photographs taken by the visually impaired from The Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, and Escola São João de Brito, during two workshops respectively conducted by French conceptual photographer Jenny Feray. The exhibition questions the notion of sight as one of the prerequisites in photography, and to remind viewers that in order to generate meaningful images, the often-neglected senses during the photographing process, namely taste, touch, smell and hearing, are as important as sight.  Tender, telling and thoughtful - The exhibition also features a series of photographs taken by Feray to resonate to the very core message that the photographer tries to convey (also a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince) - One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

觸動我心 ﹣視障人士攝影工作坊作品展
‘觸動我心 ﹣視障人士攝影工作坊作品展’展出一系列由仁慈堂盲人重建中心及庇道學校的視障人士於兩場由法國概念攝影大師Jenny Feray主持的攝影工作坊內的作品。展覽希望向觀眾帶出視覺並不是攝影的必要條件;在捕捉影像時,一些常被忽略的感官如味覺、觸覺、嗅覺及聽覺可能比視覺更能拍攝出觸動心靈的照片。展覽亦展出一系列Jenny的作品,每幅作品都和應了是次展覽嘗試帶出的信息(亦是安托萬.德.聖-埃克蘇佩里的【小王子】內一句至理名言)﹣‘人只有用自己的心才能看清事物,真正重要的東西用眼睛是看不到的。’